“My 12 year-old daughter has been working with Maddi on vocals for about a year, and her confidence and skill have totally blossomed. Maddi’s skillful use of vocal exercises with her students teaches them to hear and locate pitch effectively – and she makes it so fun that my daughter does her vocal practice because she wants to. This is no easy task! We are huge fans! If you have the opportunity to study with this brilliant performer and teacher, do it!”

  • Tammy W.


“It’s the dream that my 17 year-old could be taking every single workshop and lesson that Maddi has to offer. As an aspiring songwriter, my child has taken Maddi’s “The Nitty Gritty of Songwriting” more than once and I look forward to enrolling her again and again.

Maddi is a professional, working musician and her insight and guidance is priceless. Her workshops are well planned, well prepared, detailed, comprehensive and a lot of fun! She has put so much thought into every aspect of songwriting and found a way to teach it while encouraging the creativity of her students. I’m blown away when I think about how much work Maddi has put into the details of her workshops.

As we’ve virtually toured colleges this year, we had the opportunity to virtually attend a songwriting class from a first rate university with an outstanding and well known program. After the class, all my daughter could say was “I already know this. Maddi taught me this already and, high key, her class is better.”

The best part of taking a workshop or lessons with Maddi (other than the outstanding results for her students) is the chance to experience Maddi’s authenticity. She is a true musician and a gifted artist and teacher. She both inspires and guides her students on this journey in music. So really, just to sum it up, we thank the stars that we met this amazing person and get to learn from her.”

  • Cary B.