All-Purpose Sessions

“Maddi Mae is a phenomenal talent AND teacher. Our daughter studies voice, music, and a variety of instruments with her and absolutely loves her. We love that Maddi is excellent in so many ways; certainly her musical knowledge and abilities top that list, but she’s also an excellent communicator and a role model who builds confidence in her students. Maddi’s joy is infectious, and you’ll see it in the smiles of her students.”

Scott H.

All-Purpose Sessions

“I absolutely love taking lessons with Maddi. She is not only a great songwriting partner, but can teach guitar, bass, voice, and how to organize your original music. She is organized and great at what she does. I take my lessons on Zoom and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Ramona M.

Songwriting Sessions

I worked with Maddi over zoom in 2021-2022, and it was an amazing experience. I had some musical background but had put music on the shelf for the last ten years or so, and I wanted some help getting started again. I found Maddi through her music and was so excited to find out I could work with her as a student!

Maddi is an incredibly talented and supportive teacher. She has significant experience as an artist and songwriter as well as a teacher and brings all of that experience to the table with her students. From day one, she took me seriously and helped me gain confidence and skill in both singing and songwriting. It doesn’t matter whether music is your hobby or your professional ambition – she brings 100% to working with you. I’d recommend working with her to any adult looking to grow their skills and rediscover a commitment to music, as well as anyone looking to make music their career.

She also holds songwriting classes and workshops, and has lots of creative ways of bring the musicians she works with together. I’d recommend working with her to anyone – you won’t regret it.”

Sarah R.

Guitar Lessons

“Maddi is an amazing instructor! My son looks forward to his lessons at Sound House every week and he has surpassed what I expected with his knowledge of both reading music and playing!”

Carrie K.

Songwriting Workshops

“It’s the dream that my 17 year-old could be taking every single workshop and lesson that Maddi has to offer. As an aspiring songwriter, my child has taken Maddi’s “The Nitty Gritty of Songwriting” more than once and I look forward to enrolling her again and again.

Maddi is a professional, working musician and her insight and guidance is priceless. Her workshops are well planned, well prepared, detailed, comprehensive and a lot of fun! She has put so much thought into every aspect of songwriting and found a way to teach it while encouraging the creativity of her students. I’m blown away when I think about how much work Maddi has put into the details of her workshops.

As we’ve virtually toured colleges this year, we had the opportunity to virtually attend a songwriting class from a first rate university with an outstanding and well known program. After the class, all my daughter could say was “I already know this. Maddi taught me this already and, high key, her class is better.”

The best part of taking a workshop or lessons with Maddi (other than the outstanding results for her students) is the chance to experience Maddi’s authenticity. She is a true musician and a gifted artist and teacher. She both inspires and guides her students on this journey in music. So really, just to sum it up, we thank the stars that we met this amazing person and get to learn from her.”

Cary B.

Guitar Lessons

“My daughter has worked with Maddi for almost 6 years. We started with acoustic guitar and have since added the bass guitar and now the banjo. Maddi is an excellent teacher and an extremely talented musician. I highly recommend Maddi Mae[‘s] Sound House for music lessons.”

Maria W.

Guitar Lessons

“Maddi is an excellent music instructor. As an adult coming back into music after many years away, she has adapted to my learning needs perfectly.”

Krystal A.

Voice Lessons

“Sound House is an awesome place to pursue music! Maddi is very nice and personable and has a way of making you feel at home there. Not to mention her plethora of musical knowledge and ability. My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves Maddi and is not only developing greatly as a musician, but her overall confidence has greatly improved. Thank you Maddi for your heart and dedication as a teacher!”

Travis S.

Voice Lessons

“I applied to work with Maddi on vocal harmony for my own personal development. She has been a delightful educator, very aware of my specific goal throughout our sessions together. Maddi shares something of herself in her teaching, making the time even more memorable. I highly recommend Sound House for anyone wanting to perform better, work towards an audition, or simply explore music.”

  • Alex A.

Voice Lessons

“My 12 year-old daughter has been working with Maddi on vocals for about a year, and her confidence and skill have totally blossomed. Maddi’s skillful use of vocal exercises with her students teaches them to hear and locate pitch effectively – and she makes it so fun that my daughter does her vocal practice because she wants to. This is no easy task! We are huge fans! If you have the opportunity to study with this brilliant performer and teacher, do it!”

Tammy W.

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