OUT – Student/client called out with proper notice or for a health-related or emergency reason.

CDO – “Cancelled Day Of.” Student/client cancelled on the day of the lesson/session without proper notice for a non-health-related or non-emergency reason.

NO SHOW – Student/client did not show up for their scheduled lesson/session and gave no notice.

SKIP or RESCHED – When Maddi has a show that conflicts with session times, students/clients have the option to skip or reschedule lessons/sessions.

MAKE UP – Signifies a rescheduled lesson/session.



1/7/22 – Song Spelunking Episode #1: “To The Moon” YouTube release
1/16/22 – Wallflower Wanderer live performance video shoot in DC
1/19/22 – Band rehearsal in Leesburg, 11AM-2PM
1/22/22 – Gig at Iron Pipe Alewerks in Orange, 6-9PM
2/12/22 – Gig at Old Bust Head in Warrenton, 5-8PM
2/18/22 – Luce Listening Party podcast release with Hometown Sounds and the Smithsonian American Arts Museum

Scheduling Requests

For any scheduling requests, email or use the form to the right.