Shorthand Key

OUT – Student/client scheduled a cancellation well in advance.

ICE – Student/client had to cancel because of a serious emergency.

CDO – “Cancelled Day Of.” Student/client cancelled on the day of the lesson/session without advanced notice.

NO SHOW – Student/client did not show up for their scheduled lesson/session and gave no notice.

SKIP or RESCHED – When Maddi has a show that conflicts with session times, students/clients have the option to skip or reschedule lessons/sessions.

MAKEUP – Signifies a rescheduled lesson/session.

To Reschedule

Send an email to

Maddi’s Upcoming Shows

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Scheduling Reminders

Hello, friends of Sound House!

Here are a few helpful reminders to help us stay organized and connected during these summer months:

1. The calendar is always available online. Click on the “Week” tab (top right of the calendar widget above) for a better view. I update this whenever we email/text about a schedule change, so it’s almost always up to date. 

2. If possible, please let me know about absences well in advance. If you call out on the day of, I don’t have the time to schedule another student during your reserved time. If you don’t show up at all without notice, I’m here waiting for you. You can email me or text me at (540) 229-7029 (texts only, please). I still charge for lessons that are missed without notice or on very short notice (with exceptions for emergencies) because my time has been reserved for you regardless of your attendance.

3. Rescheduling and make-up lessons are available. If you can’t make it to your regularly scheduled lesson, we may be able to find an alternate time. If you miss a lesson, we may be able to double up the following week. Take advantage of this to make sure that you’re not losing any progress you’ve made in your studies. 

4. Online lessons are also an option. If you’re traveling, you can still check in via Zoom for a productive remote lesson. Just contact me for the video chat link. 

5. Keep practicing. Even if you miss a week of lessons, please keep up with your practicing. Check in on your session/lesson log to make sure you’re reviewing the information we’ve covered together. 

Thanks for reading over these helpful reminders. If you’ve been on top of it, thank you! I appreciate your organization, communication, and dedication.