Learn From A Professional Musician

Professional songwriter, musician, vocalist, and performer Maddi Mae owns and operates Sound House in Remington, VA.

A musician and songwriter since age five, Maddi has been active in the music business for twenty-five years. She studied guitar privately with studio musician Eric Hedrick for eight years before launching into independent learning via doing. She has performed about 550 shows both solo and as a member of psychedelic and folk rock bands.

On September 2, 2020, she released a six-song record called Quiet Corners that has now amassed over 90k streams in 70+ countries on Spotify. The success of this record is due in part to “Here Right Now,” a song which the distribution company accidentally released three weeks early. The excitement of an early release worked in Maddi Mae’s favor, and “Here Right Now” ended up with over 10k streams in the first week alone.

Listen to “Here Right Now” by Maddi Mae.

Maddi Mae released two more singles off of the record – “OK Highway” and “Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend” – before releasing the full album in early September. By this time, her songs had been added to over 600 playlists including Listen Local DC’s seasonal playlist, The New Guard, The Ditty Dozen / New Americana, The Needle / USA – Emerging, and Spotify’s curated Discover Weekly playlist.

She recorded Quiet Corners at Lore Audio Provisions in Flagstaff, AZ. Kyle Miller, the lead singer of successful folk rock band Tow’rs, invited Maddi out to his studio to record after she opened for his band in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. After recording “Here Right Now” and “Little House” in July 2019, Maddi flew back out in October to finish recording the album. She sings and plays all parts on the album with the exception of the drums, which were performed by Ben Lippard.

Here’s what music bloggers have to say about Maddi Mae’s Quiet Corners:

“. . . delectable drawn-out crooning notes, a powerful breathiness, and a crushingly emotional vibrato. Maddi Mae’s subtle country twang adds an extra hint of personable intimacy.”
“Sounds like something you could have heard late one night in the early 60s bringing down the lights in a honky tonk . . . This is what should be on country music radio, but we’re happy to claim it over here in the indie Americana world.”
“The artist opens her heart, and you can hear the disarming vulnerability in these vocal mantras . . . You can’t help but fall in love.”
The album cover of Maddi Mae’s Quiet Corners.

What does this mean for you as a potential student of Sound House?

It means that you’re going to be learning from someone who is practicing what she preaches. Your teacher is a professional musician who is actively navigating the music industry – learning by doing and constantly challenging herself to earn new skills and knowledge. You’re going to get real-world mentorship from a passionate career songwriter, recording artist, and performer.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or coming to Sound House as a developed artist, your teacher knows how to guide you through the miles of little steps that make a professional musician successful.

And don’t worry if you’re not hell-bent on a music career. Maddi Mae is genuinely happy to spend time sharing music with folks regardless of the end-goal because she knows firsthand how music can be a safe space for big personal growth. Whether you’re challenging your brain and body by learning a new instrument, digging deeper into your thoughts and feelings as a songwriter, confronting fears as you find your singing voice, or just trying to make space for more peace and joy in your life, Maddi is dedicated to making Sound House a safe space for you to grow like a happy plant listening to good music.

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