Virtual Workshop: How to Get Gigging

Virtual Workshop: How to Get Getting

Friday, March 31st
4:30-6:00 PM

Sound House owner Maddi Mae has performed 550+ shows over the past half decade, all booked and handled independently. On Friday 3/31, 4:30-6:00 PM, she’ll be hosting a virtual workshop via Zoom to help participants learn to prepare for, book, and perform shows.

This presentation covers open mics, multi-band bills, and solo shows. Learn about building a setlist, preparing an electronic press kit, researching and reaching out to venues, creating stage plots, filling out W-9s, promoting events, and so much more. You’ll be given access to a slideshow dense with information and a printable companion guide to fill out during the presentation portion of the workshop.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in this virtual workshop via Zoom. Please feel free to invite interested colleagues. RSVP via email to or RSVP using the form below. The cost of participating is $20, to be paid before the workshop; see all payment options here or pay via card below. There must be a minimum of five participants signed up beforehand.


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Virtual Workshop: Get Gigging

$20 per person + an online payment fee of $3.00. Workshops require a minimum of five participants; payments will be refunded if fewer than five participants sign up for the event.