Teen Meetup

March 10th
4:30-6:30 pm

Any sound house members aged 13-19 are welcomed. If a member has a friend who might be interested in joining us, please send me an email to see if we’ll have room for them to come along.

What to prepare:

  • 3 songs to share for the hipster olympics
  • 1 song to perform for the song circle
  • 1 awful band name

Hipster Olympics

This is an ironic music game inspired by the choice to only like bands that none of your peers know and then abandon those bands when your peers discover them.

The rules:

  1. All participants will prepare a list of 3 songs they like. These songs should be as obscure as possible while still being songs that the participant actually enjoys. Participants may not discuss these selections with anyone – bandmates, friends, and romantic buddies included! At teen night, each participant will secretly write this list on a slip of paper.
  2. Using the circle of names, the judge (maddi) will randomly select a participant to share a song. If someone else has the song on their list, the participant gets 0 points. If no one else has the song on their list, the participant gets 3 points. If no one else has ever heard the song, the participant gets 5 points. If the song is just obscure and not also likable (as determined by a group vote and ultimately decided by the judge if the group is undecided or unjust), the participant loses 2 points.
  3. The participant with the most points wins the hipster olympics. In the case of a draw, the participants may choose 1 additional song. The group will vote upon which song is more obscure to determine the victor.

Song Circle

We’ll sit around and perform songs for each other. These selections can be originals or covers; anything goes, but keep it polite. Singing and playing along is encouraged unless the performer request true solo status.

Awful Band Name Bracket

This silly game celebrates the cringiness of being an artist. Embrace all of the awfulness you’ll generate on your way to generating wonderfulness.

The rules:

  1. Each participant should think of one awful band name to put on the awful band name bracket.
  2. We’ll vote on winners for each bracket contest until a especially awful band name is chosen as victor.

Info Swap

Before leaving, you’ll be encouraged to swap info with other guests. Networking helps us foster a supportive and growing community of musicians and musical opportunities. Challenge yourself to reach out to at least one new person during the event and then follow up with them over the weekend (no procrastination permitted!).