The Sound House ‘Zine, Issue No. 1

From The Editor

We’re reflecting on musicians’ firsts in this first issue of The Sound House Zine. From writing and producing their first songs to starting their first band to their first time in a professional studio, many of our contributors are taking their first steps into the local music scene. But they’re not doing it alone.

In each of the articles written by a youngster [pages 2-5 and 7-8], you’ll see the influence of band directors, private music teachers, local musicians, and local producers who are graciously offering advice and opportunities to this next generation of musicians. Ours is a community of generous collaboration, and – leading by example – we’re teaching these new folks how to be a part of it.

Not all of our contributors are so new to the scene. On page 6, Tanner Carlton, a local musician and music producer, shares his experience with a new artist tool from Spotify. On pages 7-8, Melinda James, a local singer who has been at it in this area for 30 years, shares a recipe for feeding your band. On pages 9-10, you’ll read reviews of local music releases written by local musicians.

When I committed to opening Sound House in Remington, I committed to making a home for people like me: windswept musicians looking for a place to grow roots. This building is too small to host us all, but hopefully, this magazine can grow to be a symbolic home of sorts. I want The Sound House Zine to be a place to celebrate our failures and achievements, our experiences and growth. If you’d like to contribute content or sponsor this project, please see the back cover for info on how to do so.