Songwriting club

Enroll now for the Sound House Songwriting Club with Maddi Mae. Each week, discuss relevant topics, respond to prompts, self and peer edit with support, and share your songs with a small, encouraging audience. This club starts on June 21, 2021 and will continue on with occasional pre-announced breaks. Participants meet every Monday at 6 PM online or in-person at the studio.


WHO: This group is open to novice, amateur, intermediate, and advanced songwriters.

WHAT: Weekly hour-long meetings structured with guided discussions, songwriting prompts, peer editing, and sharing songs.

WHEN: Mondays, 6:00-7:00 PM, beginning June 21, 2021

WHERE: Join us online OR in-person at Sound House in Remington, VA

HOW: Email for more information or to enroll.

RATES: $25 per week / $100 per month


The owner of Sound House – a new studio in Remington, VA dedicated to music education and appreciation – is not just a teacher. Maddi Mae is a prolific performer, a professional songwriter, and an up-and-coming recording artist.

On September 2, 2020, she released a six-song record called Quiet Corners that has now amassed over 80k streams in 70+ countries on Spotify. The relative success of this record is due in part to single “Here Right Now,” which the distribution company accidentally released three weeks early. The excitement of an early release worked in Maddi Mae’s favor, and the song ended up with over 10k streams in the first week alone.

Maddi Mae released two more singles off of the record – “OK Highway” and “Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend” – before releasing the full album in early September. By this time, her songs had been added to over 600 playlists including Listen Local DC’s seasonal playlist, The New Guard, The Ditty Dozen / New Americana, The Needle / USA – Emerging, and Spotify’s curated Discover Weekly playlist.


Video content written, performed, recorded, and formatted by Maddison Hicks, 2021.